P.E.T. abuse

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These” Chalices” by Redstr Collective are a classic. They came out before anyone was addressing the issue of discarded plastic bottles. I wish we could find a use for the millions ending up in our oceans and landfills.


Andy Coolquitt- lights

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I just saw this work at Moss. Andy uses found objects—mostly metal rods—to create these simple sculptural lights. I really like how the negative space plays a role in defining the objects. It reminds me of Fred Sandback’s use of empty space to create volume.


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I might be stretching the boundaries of scraps here, but technically poop does fall into this category, as it is our own byproduct. Product designer and Dwell editor Viginia Gardiner designed a waterless toilet that actually reuses horse manure to generate power. She has figured out how to cast it with bio resin. Just imagine if this process could be mass produced for products or architecture.


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Rodger Stevens creates these candelabras and candle holder frames from wood scraps collected from local wood shops. The actual candle holders are made from porcelain. Each one is unique by the nature of the project.

Macro 1 Sea- swimming pools

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With everyone concentrating on shipping containers it was only a matter of time before someone figured out that there are also thousands of dumpsters sitting around unused. Macro Sea‘s solution—although seasonal—is a great way to enrich our communities in the summer. Maybe they can conceive a covered, heated one for the winter.

Inner Tube Jewelry

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Since 1995 Sasja Saptenno has been creating intricate jewelry from the inner tubes of bike tires discarded in her native Netherlands. When you look at the entire collection you sense her mastery over the material.

The Hansen- light

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If you missed this pendant lamp by Kevin Patrick McCarthy at the InDisposed exhibition this past spring in NYC, check it out. This elegant lamp was created from western red cedar that originated from used wine racks. The real beauty is in the details; its telescoping bodyallows it to pack in a more compacted format.